Registration for the upcoming school year will be done on September 1 & 2 (9am-2pm) and again on Sept. 8 & 9 (8:15am-3:40pm)

Dear Parent/Guardian registering your child in PS/MS207Q,

YOU MUST BE ZONED and you will need to provide TWO PROOFS OF RESIDENCE (i.e., utility bills in either parent's name, drivers license, paystub or any document from a city, state or government agency) as well as the child's birth certificate.

For your convenience, please find the attached PDF registration forms. .

  1. Student Registration Form

  2. Emergency Contact Form

  3. Language Survey

  4. Housing Form

  5. Ethnicity Form

  6. Physical Examination Form (Scan with Immunization Records)

Also, it is very important that your child’s immunizations are ALL caught up by the start of school. Please scan your immunization record and attach it to this email. A physical examination form is also attached. Before your child can be in the school building, an up-to-date physical MUST accompany them (504’s should also be filed).

Please check in periodically with the PA website: or the Parent Coordinator, Look for EDUKIT (Supply List) and FLYNN & O’HARA (Uniform) on-line order forms.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance in making our return to school safe and welcomed!!!